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  • "We offer Green Cleaning Products FREE of Ammonia, APE's, Butyl's, Chlorine, DEA, Dyes, Formaldehyde, MEA, PERC, Phosphates, Petrochemicals, Quats, Triclosan & TEA!  View product descriptions for specific details."

PMF Mach 12 Wand - Titanium* Zoom

PMF Mach 12 Wand (1.5" tube) - Titanium*

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Product Description
    Product No MACH-12
    Product Description

    PMF's Mach 12 Titanium Wand is the Carpet Cleaning wand that every other Wand is measured against. The 12" wide suction head and 1.5" down tube allow PMF's Mach 12 Titanium wand to generate a balance of excellent vacuum and great soil recovery, while keeping weight very low. Weighing in at just around 7 lbs, and as durable as all get-out, PMF's Mach 12 Titanium Wand is one of the lightest most effective carpet cleaning wands in the 12 inch x 1.5 inch size. 

    Made with the highest quality components:

    • In addition to the titanium, the entire Mach 12 Wand is made with the highest qualtiy components available to ensure years of trouble free and efficient service.
    • Durable PMF V800EZ Valve with 800psi operating pressure is perfectly suited for truckmounts and high pressure portable carpet extractors. 
    • PMF even built the Mach 12 with flexible & ultra durable stainless steel solution lines!

    Designed for success!

    • PMF's Mach 12 has 4 spray jets that blast cleaning solution as the perfect angle, moving soils across carpet fibers, rather than pressing them deeper within. Soils are loosened and left in a perfect position to be immediately extracted by the optimally designed 12" wide suction slot. 
    • There is a solution strainer set inline before the trigger valve to stop debris before it causes a clog leading to needless downtime.
    • Additionally, PMF installed stainless steel check valves to prevent dripping at the jets when the trigger valve is released.
    • The Mach 12 has a low profile head which slips right underneath low slung furniutre, eliminating the need to switch to a special tool.
    • PMF's Mach 12 comes standard with Stainless Steel Glides but offers an upgrade to Teflon Glides, the ultimate in reduced friction and relief from back strain! 
    • The Mach 12's 1.5 inch Recovery Tube provides for a balance between good soil recovery, and super light weight.  The perfect light weight wand for portable extractors. 
    • The 4 Jet Adjustable Manifold along the 12" wide head allows for even, streak-free cleaning coverage and maximum conltrol over how the carpet cleaning solution gets applied to the carpet fibers.

    If your looking for the most effective, most efficient, fastest cleaning, and easiest to use Carpet Cleaning Wand for Portable Carpet Cleaning Exractors, this is it!  You've found it in PMF's Mach 12 Titanium Carpet Cleaning Wand!

    Product Details and Specs:

    • 1.5" Titanium Tube
    • 12" wide suction head
    • Extremely light weight
    • 800 PSI Standard Trigger Valve (upgrades available)
    • Does NOT include Brass Quick Connects.  Please see available options drop-downs to add.
    Weight Mach 12 Titanium Wand (6lbs 2oz)
    V1250 Valve Upgrade (+ 1oz)
    GHP-5000 Valve Upgrade (+ 4oz)
    SS Ski Glides Upgrade (+ 4oz)
    Teflon Glides Upgrade (+ 8oz)

    Welded Components
    PMF warranties all of their stainless steel welded tools against breakage of the welds from manufacture defects for a period of 1 year after purchase. PMF does not warrany obvious wear or mistratment of welded components.

    Valve Bodies: PMF warranties all of their cast and fogred valve bodies from manufacturer defects.  PMF does not warranty normal wear of the internal valve body replacable parts. PMF does not warranty damage caused by mistreatment or freezing of the valve.
    Valve Guts: PMF warranties only manufacture defects on the valve stems and related internal parts.  PMF does not warranty normal wear on valve stems or internal parts.  PMF does not warranty damage caused by mistreatment or freezine of the valve.

    Shipping Costs
    When a wand or tool is submitted to us within the 1 year warranty period, either Bulk Green Cleaners or PMF will email you a shipping label to return your package.  We will not supply you with a box so... Please save your box!  Providing damage is not found by PMF to be due to neglect, misuse or abuse, you will not need to reimburse us for shipping costs. However, if the damage is found not to be covered under warranty, PMF will fix the issue for a reasonable fee, and you will be responsible for all shipping costs incurred due to the repair(s).

    Bulk Green Cleaners Staff Experience
    We have used PMF tools for almost 20 years, and in that time, have found their welds to be impeccable and their tools to be extremely well built and of a design quality that is unsurpassable. If you are looking for the highest quality carpet wands and upholstery tools made for the professional carpet and upholstery cleaning industry, we highly recommend PMF tools.

    Ships in < 1 week
Available Options
    Available Accessories

    Wand Glide Type (required):

    Stainless Steel: This is the stock option that comes with the Mach 12 wand by default. It includes two Standard SS glides. One for each wand lip.
    Teflon 'Tef' Glide:  This is PMF's signature Low Friction "Teflon" Wand Glide. Greatest friction reduction, this glide will reduce your labor from 10% - 40% (depending on carpet type) compared to the standard SS glides.  Note, the Teflon Glides can and do wear out with hard use.  Please see option to add an additional Teflon Wand Glide below at an incredible price.  This price only available when purchased with the wand.

    Wand Valve Type (required):

    V 800 EZ: This is the stock that the wand comes with by default. Easy pull, 800 psi valve.
    V 1250 SS: Upgraded Stainless Steel, easy pull.  1250 psi.
    GHP-5000 Gun: The GHP-5000 Gun Valve upgrades from the standard 800 psi (V800EZ) brass trigger valve, to a 5000 PSI gun style valve.  Note, while the 800 & 1250 psi valves are mounted below the wand handle, the 5000 psi valve is mounted above it. This in turn requires a different arm position as the wand handle will need to be help higher with arm bent more to maintain proper head contact with the carpet.  This may be ideal for taller individuals that normally have to drop their shoulder and/or bend their back slightly to mainatin proper contact, but may prove uncomfortable to those shorter individuals who find that the standard wand valves are at the perfect placement for proper cleaning positioning and minimal arm fatigue.  Please consider this before deciding wether this upgrade if for you, as the wand cannot be returned simply because the positioning is not ideal for you
                           GHP-5000 PSI Gun Valve  
    Quick Connect (required):  This is the brass quick-connect that your high pressure solution hose will connect to near the handle of the wand. Please note that if you do not choose one here, your wand will not come with one.
    No Thanks, Don't Need One: Choose this option if you have your own and don't need one.

    1/4" MPT Male QC (Brass)
    1/4" MPT Female QC (Brass)
    3/8" MPT Male QC (Brass)
    3/8" MPT Female QC (Brass)
                    1/4" Female Brass Quick Connect1/4" Male Brass Quick Connect
    Rubber Dip Valve Trigger: (Optional) You can have your V800EZ or V1250 Valve Handle Custom Hot-Dipped into a liquid rubber which then hardens onto the valve trigger handle creating a softer, more comfortable valve trigger, thus increasing comfort & reducing fatigue.  
    Simply select your chosen valve option to add this customization to your Mach 12 Wand order.

    Valve Rebuild Kits: (Optional) Both are great to have on hand, so long as you continue to clean carpets, it is guaranteed that they will need replacement.

    800 psi EZ Trigger Valve:  Rebuild kit for the guts of the V800EZ trigger valve.

    O-ring only repair kit: R800-EZ
    O-rings & stem repair kit: R800S-EZ
    O-rings & stem & nut repair kit: R800SN-EZ

    1250 psi SS Trigger Valve:  Rebuild kit for the guts of the V1250 Stainless Steel trigger valve.

    O-ring only repair kit: R1250
    O-rings & stem repair kit: R1250S
    O-rings & stem & nut repair kit: R1250SN

    5000 psi Gun Style Valve:  Rebuild kit for the guts of the GHP-5000 psi Gun Style Valve.

    Complete kit: RVGP-HP

    Additional Wand Glides: (Optional) If you want to be able to switch between more than one type of wand glide, or simply want to have an extra on hand if yours wears out, you can select from the options above to add to your order at time of wand purchase at these great prices!  Includes the following:

    Stainless Steel: This is the stock option that the PMF Mach Wand comes with by default. It includes two Standard SS glides. One for each wand lip.
    Teflon (w/Adapter): Choose this option if you did not choose 'Teflon Wand Glides' under the required 'Wand Glide Type' drop-down above since you will need the adapter to attach the teflon glide to your Mach 12 Titanium Wand. Includes two Teflon Glides. one for each wand lip, plus adapters.
    Teflon (Glides Only): Choose this option if you chose 'Teflon Wand Glides' under the required 'Wand Glide Type' drop-down above as you will already have the adapter kit.  Includes two Teflon Glides. one for each wand lip. No adapter.

    Inline Strainers: (Optional) These are simply extra strainers to replace or swap with the one already installed just before the Mach 12 Wand Valve. Being able to simply remove the clogged stainer and replace with a fresh new one can reduce down-time on-the-job, while you can clean, repair the removed one back at the shop.
    You can purchase in quantities of 1, 2 or 3 at time of Mach 12 Titnaium Wand Purchase.

    HP Hose Repair (2pc Kit): (Optional) This is a 2 pc on-the-job High Pressure Solution Hose Quick Fix Repair Kit that can mend a Carpet Cleaning Solution Hose by simply cutting off the damaged part, inserting the barbed end of the 2pc Kit, and wrench tightening on. This innovative kit can save valualbe down time and costly repairs.  Note: You will need two solid, strong wrenches to get the job down.
    You can select this in Quantities of 1, 2 or 3.

                        PMF Hose Crimp Repair Kit

    Available Sizes 1.5" wand with 12" head, 2.0" wand with 15" head
Health & Safety
    Suction Hazard Low, however please be sure to attach vacuum hose to Mach 12 Carpet Cleaning Wand prior to turning on blower as children or pets risk injury if they come in contact with suction end of vacuum hose.
    Electrical Hazard Although Titanium does not conduct electricity as readily as Copper, or even Stainless Steel, when you & the cleaning tool are in contact with a wet surface, this presents substantial risk of electrocution should you contact an electrical power source such as a damaged power cord, or a lightening strike at or near your vehicle while cleaning. Please use Caution. Check cords for damage prior to carpet cleaning and terminate cleaning operation during thunderstorms.
Ethics & Sustainability
    Manufactured in Oregon: USA
    Made From Titanium
    Sustainability Renewable energy
    Recyclability 75%-99%
    Community Moderately Involved
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    1. A++++++++ Review by Todd
      These pics do not do this Titanium wand justice. What a difference from my previous wand. This wand is awesome. My dry times with this PMF Mach 12 Titanium Wand are at least 1.5 hours less than with my previous stainless steel wand. I cleaned a wool rug today with my portable carpet cleaner, and it pulls the rug off the floor with this wand. It is amazing what just switching carpet cleaning wands can do!!!! It's also left the rug just cool to the touch. Maybe 20 minutes with a fan and its dry!!! I am shocked at the difference!!! Amazing!!!! I love it. The teflon glide is awesome too. I just cannot believe the dryness and suction difference over my prior wand with the 14" wide slot and this 12", Mach 12 Titanium Wand built by PMF. The wand is beautiful and is also about 5 inches taller than the carpet cleaning wand I was using, so it runs a bit longer than some, which is great for me because I'm about 6'-2" tall Thank you so much for all the help Bulk Green Cleaners!!! I am amazed!!!
      (Posted on 12/16/2018)

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