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"We offer Green Cleaning Products FREE of Ammonia, APE's, Butyl's, Chlorine, DEA, Dyes, Formaldehyde, MEA, PERC, Phosphates, Petrochemicals, Quats, Triclosan & TEA!  View product descriptions for specific details."
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  • "We offer Green Cleaning Products FREE of Ammonia, APE's, Butyl's, Chlorine, DEA, Dyes, Formaldehyde, MEA, PERC, Phosphates, Petrochemicals, Quats, Triclosan & TEA!  View product descriptions for specific details."

Earth Friendly Products Carpet Cleaner & Shampoo, Bergamot & Sage | Bulk Sizes (PL9766) Zoom

ECOS PRO Carpet & Rug Cleaner | Bulk Sizes

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From: $86.50
Product Description
    Product Number(s) PL9165/04
    Product Description

    Earth Friendly Products Carpet, Rug Cleaner & Shampoo is an extremely safe and effective Natural Carpet Cleaner that cleans and deodorizers with the therapeutic fresh scent of Lavender. The sustainable, ecological formula can be used in portable or truckmounted carpet cleaning machines and with hot or cold water. Earth Friendly Products Carpet & Rug Cleaner & Shampoo leaves carpet fibers ultra-clean and residue Free, and the low-foaming formula eliminates need for defoamer.  The neutral pH of Earth Friendly Products Carpet Shampoo will not corrode the the guts of carpet cleaning machines. This Carpet Cleaner can be run direcctly through portable carpet cleaning machines, added in higher concentrate to Truck Mount Stock Tanks, and even used as a prespray, which is the preferred method for best results (Click Here for more info). Earth Friendly Products Carpet Shampoo is Non-toxic, readily-biodegradable, pH balanced and made using only sustainable, plant-based ingredients. This Natural Carpet Shampoo is free of synthetic perfumes and dyes, phosphates, chlorines, petrochemicals and other toxins, and is greywater and septic safe and is recognized by the EPA's DfE and USDA's Biopreferred Program.

    Earth Friendly Products Carpet & Rug Cleaner & Shampoo Advantages:

    • With the help of sustainable, plant-based ingredients, Earth Friendly Products Carpet Shampoo Leaves carpets & rugs fresh and clean!
    • Earth Friendly Products Carpet Shampoo with Lavender scent is a highly concentrated, replenishable, ecologically sound rug cleaner used by Home-owners and Professionals alike. 
    • This Natural Carpet Shampoo effectively removes spots, soils (dirt) and stains from carpets and area rugs, leaving them fresh and renewed.
    • Earth Friendly Products Carpet Shampoo's Plant Based, Biodegradable, & pH neutral formula will not corrode the metal parts of carpet cleaning machines.
    • It consists of pure, natural ingredients – no phosphates, chlorine, petrochemicals or toxins.
    • This Natural Carpet Shampoo formula is bio-compatible with both grey-water and septic system as it will not eliminate bacteria that make them work efficiently. In fact, it can actually enhance their biological processes, as this product contains an enzyme blend to help with soil removal. 
    • Earth Friendly Products Carpet Shampoo is NOT Tested On Animals 
    • It contains No Animal Ingredients & is not tested on animals.
    • This Natural Carpet Shampoo is Packaged in Recyclable and/or Reusable HDPE  # 1 and/or # 2 Plastic Bottles and containers. 
    • Is made from a Non-Polluting formula with No harsh chemicals 
    • Earth Friendly Products gentle yet effective formula is Color safe 
    • Made in USA!
    • Carpet Shampoo is Free of SLS, 1,4 dioxane, Phosphates, Chlorines, Ammonia, Petrochemicals, Synthetic perfumes (fragrances) & Synthetic Dyes 


    • Neutral pH (7), rarely causes irritations in customers with skin sensitivities/allergies. 


    • Earth Friendly Products Carpet Shampoo is made of Replenishable & Sustainable ingredients which are Non-polluting,100% biodegradable, non-toxic & natural. 
    • The Plant-based surfactants will not harm the item being cleaned, your body or the environment 
    • Container is made from re-usable and-or recyclable HDPE No. 1 or HDPE No. 2 Plastic 

    Special Notes:

    • Because natural ingredients are used to formulate Earth Friendly Products Carpet Shampoo, color and body may vary. 
    • This Natural Carpet Shampoo is safe enough to be used in Rental Carpet Cleaning Machines for Home Owners, and powerful enough to be used with Professional Truck-Mounted Steam Extraction Machines! 
    • It can be run directly through the Carpet Extraction Machine, however as with any carpet detergent, it is far more effective used as a pre-spray, followed by a hot-water rinse.
    • Buy from Bulk Green Cleaners in Bulk Case Packs and Save Money!

    Click the following link for valuable information about How to Most Effectively Use this Bulk Case of Earth Friendly Products Carpet Shampoo to Clean Carpets.

    Ingredients Water, Sodium Citrate (plant-based water softener), Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate (plant-derived water softener) Citric Acid (plant-based pH adjuster), Caprylyl/Myristyl Glucoside (plant-based surfactant), Xanthan Gum (plant-based, food grade thickener), Enzyme Blend (soil remover), Potassium Sorbate (plant-based, food grade preservative), Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Linalool (essential oil component) Oil.
    Dilution 1:40
    Manufactured in California: USA, Illinois: USA, New Jersey: USA, Washington: USA
    Ships in 3 to 10 working days
Available Options
    Available Sizes 100 oz Jug: 4 Pack
    Avail Scent or Type Lavender
Health & Safety
    Organic No
    Enzymatic Yes
    Soy Free Yes
    Scent Free No
    GMO Free Yes
    Gluten Free Yes
    Certifications EPA's Safer Choice (DfE), USDA BioPreferred
    Safety Data Sheets Visit & type product name in their search box to find SDS's.
Ethics & Sustainability
    Organic No
    SLS Free Yes
    Soy Free Yes
    Fair Trade US Made
    GMO Free Yes
    Cruelty Free Yes
    Community Heavily Involved, Women Owned, Minority Owned, Employee Centric
    Sustainability Family Owned, Reduces Waste, Conserves Water, Renewable energy, Earned Green Awards, Recyclable Packaging, Sustainable Ingredients, Environmental Stewardship
    Concentration Dilutable Concentrate
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    1. Great alternative eco-friendly carpet cleaner for professional carpet cleaners that don't want to sacrifice results! Review by GreenClean1
      I hesitantly tried this eco-friendly carpet cleaner about 7 months ago, thinking it would not clean well, as so many other "green" carpet cleaners I've tried. Well, I was dead wrong. This stuff melts away soils just like the best of the toxic cleaners. I even did a side by side with two of the previous cleaners I was using, and it removed the soils every bit as well, without the toxic chemical exposure. Just like most of my customers, i'm really a sucker for a great scent, and although it says bergamot, I can't place the exact scent, but I love it. I really look forward to using this cleaner because it's affective, and I feel good about it's safety, and the lessened impact on the environment. I'd highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a safer, enviro-friendly, yet effective professional carpet cleaning detergent. I'd also suggest that you try a few gallons first though before buying 55 gallon drums like I do, because everyone is different and like's different types of cleaners for different reasons. If you do try this, I suggest you do a side by side cleaning with your current carpet cleaning solution and compare the results. (Posted on 2/13/2016)
    2. Great Carpet Cleaner! Review by Carpet Master
      I LOVE this carpet cleaner. I am a professional carpet cleaner and in looking for a 'natural' carpet cleaner that would NOT affect my customers or myself in a negative way, nor leave behind those horrible 'fragrance' smells, I came across this product. It dilutes nicely, smells fresh (no artificial fragrances), and cleans extremely well. I would highly recommend to any professional carpet cleaner (and of course any homeowner) looking for a natural, non-toxic carpet cleaning option that works exceptionally well, and will not break the bank. If you have never used it before I 'think' this company (Bulk Green Cleaners) offers low cost samples so you can test, but not sure. Good Luck! (Posted on 2/17/2015)

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