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How to Remove "Dried" Beer from Carpet Padding


[Customer]: I appreciated the "how to remove beer odor" instructions, but what about when the beer has penetrated deep into the carpet and the carpet is now dry? Soak it with bac out and blot ?


Hi there [Customer],

Pour at least as much bac-out onto the carpet as the quantity of beer that spilled, and in the exact same spot so that it follows the same path that the beer did. Ideally, 50% more. Then let soak overnight, or until dry.

Be aware however that, if the moisture in the beer caused any damage, such as swelling of baseboards or subfloor, or leaking into ceiling below (if not on first floor), the bac-out will follow the same path, and could initiate more damage from it’s moisture as well. Although this is rarely a problem, it is something to be aware of.

If the odor still persists, but has subsided, feel free to apply second treatment once the first treatment is dry. You may want to do a fresh water rinse over the surface once all is complete and dry, as the bac-out may leave a little tacky residue on the surface of the fibers. It will not hurt the fibers, but it can attract soil over time and make the area appear soiled.

To rinse, run plain water (or add an ounce of vinegar per gallon to) a portable machine (if you have one), otherwise, simply spray water onto the surface with a trigger sprayer, and gently brush in a circular motion (no back and forth scrubbing) with a clean, white terry cloth towel. Use large circles going in the same direction, and then after doing this a few times you can switch direction. If it’s a berber carpet, you may have to simply blot the area, as they don’t take too well to brushing in a circular motion.

Good Luck!

Thank You.

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8 thoughts on “How to Remove "Dried" Beer from Carpet Padding”

  • Jake J.

    I just wanted to post that I tried this using bac-out and it really works. I did have to give the spot 3 separate treatments with bac-out (not sure if the 3rd treatment was over-kill or not), before I was completely happy with the results, but I cannot detect any beer odor at all anymore. Do be careful though, because I did this treatment on our main level, which has a basement underneath with a drop-ceiling, and I removed the panels underneath where I was to saturate with biokleen bac-out above it, just to be sure that if any beer/bac-out solution were to over-saturate the carpet and seep through, that it would not water stain the ceiling tiles. Well it's a good thing I did, because some dripping did occur, and instead it dripped on the basement carpet, which I did not think to cover :-(. Maybe I over-saturated the carpet, but either way, just use caution and be aware that this could be an issue.

  • Sarah Dillmore

    Will applying Bac-Out hurt my birds because birds tend to be extra sensitive to all kinds of cleaning solutions and other chemicals?

    • BGC Support

      Hi Sara, you should use caution when applying anything around birds, however bac-out certainly will not be particularly harmful, so long as you do not aerosolize it into the room in large quantity. Just be sure the birds have plenty of fresh air and if necessary, place them temporarily in another room while applying the treatment, and until the room is ventilated afterwords. As always, when adding anything new to the air in a room, keep a close eye on your birds for signs of unusual behavior as all aviary species respond differently and have different tolerance levels to everything from cleaning products, to humidity levels, to even air currents. It's always better to be safe than sorry. Good Luck!

  • Good 2 B Green

    I recently came across this post after doing a search for How to remove spilt beer from deep in carpet padding. I am pleased to say that in following the exact steps from above (after some work on my part) my situation is resolved! No more stinky beer smell coming from carpeting. So glad this issue was resolved because every time I'd walk into my house after being away, the smell of beer soaked carpet would just overwhelm me! Thanks Bulk Green Cleaners!

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