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  • "We offer Green Cleaning Products FREE of Ammonia, APE's, Butyl's, Chlorine, DEA, Dyes, Formaldehyde, MEA, PERC, Phosphates, Petrochemicals, Quats, Triclosan & TEA!  View product descriptions for specific details."

Biokleen Citrus Soy Solvent | Bulk Sizes Zoom

Biokleen Citrus Soy Solvent | Bulk Sizes

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Product Description
    Product Number(s) 32 oz 12 Pack, 5 Gallon Pail, 55 Gallon Drum
    Product Description

    Biokleen Citrus Soy Solvent (available here in Large Sizes) uses extracts of soybean and citrus in place of high levels of petrochemicalsto to clean, degrease, dissolve gum, remove wax, paint, adhesives, tar and more, offering you a much safer, natural and ecofriendly alternative to petroleum based solvent/degreasers. Citrus Soy Solvent is non-flammable, non-combustible, and gentle to skin. No harmful side effects, even with frequent use. No need to be concerned with skin contact.

    Recommended Uses:

    • Bulk Citrus Soy Solvent is best used for removing gum, graffiti, paint, adhesives, oil, grease, tar, asphalt, make-up, mold & mildew etc. on non-porous surfaces. 
    • It can be used on some fabrics but must be rinsed well with a regular detergent. 

    Directions for use:

    • To remove general stains & soils with Biokleen Citrus Soy Solvent: Do not dilute. Apply, agitate, let dwell, extract/rinse. Dwell time is very important, let it work for you. Apply, scrub, apply and walk away for 20 minutes. Return and work stain. 
    • To remove paint with Citrus Soy Solvent: Dried paint is VERY resistant to solvents. Citrus Soy Solvent is not a paint stripper but will effectively remove small areas of new paint that are dry but not fully cured. Apply, let dwell and agitate, wipe/rinse. Repeat as necessary. 
    • To remove Mold & Mildew on Non-Porous surfaces: Apply undiluted, agitate with brush, apply again if necessary, let dwell for 10-15 minutes, then remove with rag saturated with warm water. Eco-Friendly Ingredients:

    Biokleen's Citrus Soy Solvent is a versitile products with many varied uses.  If it's water safe, and color safe, you can probably use Citrus Soy Solvent on it!  

    Caution: Always be sure to test Biokleen Citrus Soy Solvent in an inconspicuous area before use.

    Ingredients Methyl Soyate, Methyl Oleate, Citrus Terpenes, Methyl Linoleate, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Peel Extract, Methyl Palmitate, Methyl Stearate
    Dilution RTU
    Manufactured in Washington: USA
    Ships in 1 to 5 working days
Available Options
    Available Sizes 32 oz Bottle: 12 Pack, 5 gal Pail, 55 gal Drum
    Avail Scent or Type Soy Based
Health & Safety
    Organic No
    Enzymatic No
    Soy Free No
    Scent Free Mild
    GMO Free Yes
    Gluten Free Yes
    Certifications No Info
    Safety Data Sheets Inquire
Ethics & Sustainability
    Organic No
    SLS Free Yes
    Soy Free No
    Fair Trade US Made
    GMO Free Yes
    Cruelty Free Yes
    Community Slightly Involved
    Sustainability Renewable energy
    Concentration RTU (Ready to use)
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    1. Great product for removing sap from deck Review by Laddie
      I was having a terrible time trying to find something to remove sap from our composite deck. Nothing was working and it was all pretty toxic. When I tried Biokleen Citrus Soy Solvent It worked great! It was way better than anything else that I tried and it actually worked without leaving any residue like other products. I applied it full strength and wiped with a towel and I used a putty knife on thicker spots. I did use a wet towel to wipe off what I had just cleaned. I didn't have to wear any protective gloves either. The sap on my deck was really dried and hard and some of it had actually turned white. I was amazed at how great it looked after I had finished the job. (Posted on 6/5/2017)

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